MS Month & World MS Day

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Be part of the global movement to end multiple sclerosis, and take part in World MS Day 2016 on Wednesday 25 May 2016. Over two million people in the world have MS. The aims of World MS Day are to raise awareness and mobilise the global movement. Click here to learn more.

What is World MS Day?

World MS Day was launched on 27 May 2009 with over 200 events in 67 countries. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about MS and to strengthen the network of people living with MS across the world. For World MS Day 2016 we’re celebrating all the ways that people affected by MS maintain independence and get on with their lives. This might be thanks to support from family and friends, adaptations and flexibility in the home and workplace, support from MS organisations, effective treatment and lifestyle choices, a steady income, or even just a shift in your attitude.


How can I get involved?

Host a World MS Day fundraiser in your community and help raise awareness about MS. It might be a presentation at your local school or an information stand at a shopping centre to promote the cause. For more information on how to fundraise for MS please contact us on 07 3840 0887.


Share on social media - We’re asking you to tell us your story by completing the phrase MS doesn’t stop me...” 
Post your photos and stories across social media and don’t forget to use the hashtags #strongerthanMS #MSqld and tag us @MSqld 
Together we’ll generate thousands of messages that celebrate the huge range of things that people with MS can do, raise awareness and inspire action around the world.


Tell your story of how 'MS Doesn't Stop Me' - whether you are young or young at heart we would love to hear from you. Sharing your own personal story can be powerful and provide invaluable helping tools to people in our community, particularly newly diagnosed. We’d love to hear and share your story of how MS doesn't stop you. You might like to:

  • provide inspiration through your unique story of living positively with MS; or
  • share how valuable your support network has been to helping you continue living your best life; or
  • tell us what independence means for you and how MS doesn’t stop you.

No two people share the same story, and this program will run all year round to keep sharing individuals stories with the community. Please send through your story to Natalie Walsh by email If you have any questions or need a hand to share your story, you can also call Natalie on 07 3840 0823.



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MS Awareness Month is held each year during May and culminates on World MS Day which is celebrated internationally. In Australia we all try to Kiss Goodbye to MS during May.


What is Kiss Goodbye to MS?

An initiative of MS Australia (including us at MS Queensland), Kiss Goodbye to MS calls on people with MS, their friends, family and colleagues to raise funds for vital research into a cure.


How can I help?

  1. Host a Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraiser and register your event on the website.
  2. Wear, dare or share red or red lipstick during May and help spread the word about MS.
  3. Donate to the MS cause to fund vital research and support services. 


What do the donations raised go towards?

All donations made on the Kiss Goodbye to MS website go towards MS research to find a cure and it is your support that will make this happen.