Stories and ambassadors

MS Queensland has an incredible host of ambassadors all whom exemplify what it means to live well with MS and be active members of our tight-knit MS community.

Read their stories and many more – no-one should face MS alone.

Rachel Kerr

A champion for people who are newly diagnosed and Rockhampton local, Rachel diligently raises awareness of MS and the impact that the disease has on her daily life and the lives of other people living with the challenge of MS. 

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eleanor ridgen ms ambassador



Eleanor Rigden

Diagnosed at just 20 years old, Eleanor has since been determined to share her experiences and positive message of continuing to enjoy life on her terms and do what she loves.

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Janine Watson

Janine is a young, active, inspiring female diagnosed with MS aged 25 (average age is a 30-year old female) and is not defined by the disease. She’s an athlete and teacher who shows everyday that MS won’t stop her performing at the highest stage.

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Gary Allen

Gary Allen, husband and father lives in Brisbane and is a passionate advocate for employment retention, access and inclusion, and research.

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ms queensland ambassador katie mattin with her two children

Katie Mattin

Nova 106.9 radio presenter and mother to two beautiful daughters, Katie Mattin is a shining example of a woman living with MS who is still able to live life with a positive frame of mind. As an ambassador, Katie wants people to read her story and know that she is still living a great life despite the initial fear of her diagnosis.

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Tanya Hunter holding up a sign "Thank you for riding to fight MS"

Tanya Hunter

Tanya refuses to let MS stop her from living her best life. Since her diagnosis in 2015, she has armed herself with the information to face the next phase of her ‘health journey.’

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Josie Potter

Battling the adversity of living with MS and even suffering a stroke six years ago, Josie continues to live postively and is an inspiration as someone who says that she might have MS, but MS doesn’t have her.

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Jemma Barsby

Brisbane Heat sensation and MS Queensland ambassador at 23 years old, Jemma is an inspiration and refuses to let MS derail her cricketing dreams. She is passionate about people following their dreams regardless of whether they have MS.

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Col Chandler

At 60 years old Col Chandler refuses to slow down despite having both Crohns Disease and MS. Daredevil, entrepreneur and avid painter, Col lives life to the fullest and proves that life doesn’t have to stop for MS.

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Ursula Lockwood

A conquerer of adventure and a true people person, Ursula has used her experience with MS to bring people together for nearly 20 years.

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Gail Harbott cheering on riders at MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride

Gail Harbott

Living with MS for over 20 years, Gail hasn’t let her MS diagnosis slow her down. With her companion dog, Coda, by her side; Gail is an active Gold Coast local, as well as a proud supporter and advocate on behalf of others in the MS community.

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Charlie and Jenny Bennett

Charlie and Jenny Bennett are the ultimate team. Their story is inspiring and they both exemplify what it means to be ambassadors and heroes for the MS community.

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Wendy Lovelace

Working as an architect and living with MS, Wendy has her designs and consultancy revolve around making the world a better, more accessible place.

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Kate Casey

Diagnosed at only 18, Kate realised very early on that life was going to change. 14 years on, Kate has found her positive outlook with MS and a lifestyle that complements having both a career and a loving family.

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