Charlie and Jenny Bennett – a love story

Charlie and Jenny met when they were 19. Over 40 years on, they are still in love and focus every day on loving and caring for each other.

Jenny’s diagnosis in 1973 at just 15 and in Year 10 at school were very hard days but Charlie and Jenny have always remained determined not to let Jenny’s MS define their life and always focused on living life to the fullest and taking each day as it comes.

Hope for the future

Like any young couple, Charlie and Jenny were hopeful for their future; they entered the workforce and loved being a part of their working community and building a life together.  Jenny had different symptoms throughout this time but continued work.  However in 2013 due to ongoing and declining and debilitating symptoms Jenny had to retire. At this time Charlie became Jenny’s full-time carer.

The ultimate power couple

Together Charlie and Jenny remain the ultimate team – Charlie affectionately calls Jenny ‘little Ferret” and shares that Jenny is the whole reason he gets up every day. They dedicate their time to help find a cure for MS and are determined to help make a difference until a cure is found and to assist MS Queensland, that are like part of the family to the Bennetts.

Volunteering their time spreading awareness and participating in various MS related events and activities Charlie and Jenny’s focus event is the Brissie to the Bay and have helped raise almost $100,000 for  “Team Jenny” the leading fundraising team for the Brissie to the Bay.


Passion issues


Bike riding

Support Groups

Each other!