Gary Allen

Gary Allen, husband and father lives in Brisbane and is a passionate advocate for employment retention, access and inclusion, and research.

Gary loves his work and knows how important employment has been to his good health, happiness, maintaining his mental agility and his self-worth. Gary has a genuine joy of working.

A passionate advocate

Since 1997, Gary has worked in research institutions, and is a Senior Partner and Senior Consultant in his field and has also worked in state and federal government departments and research ethics committees, in Australia, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Gary is a conduit for advocacy issues on behalf of MS Queensland. He says there are many issues a person must face and unfortunately; many people living with MS don’t seek expert assistance to live the best life they can by not accessing information and services available through MS Queensland.

Gary shares a strong message that he would tell his early diagnosed self that sometimes help is just help, get in touch with MS Queensland rather than struggle through these things on your own.


Passion issues:

Employment retention

Access and inclusion

MS Research and finding a cure