Janine Watson

Janine is a young, active, inspiring female diagnosed with MS aged 25 (average age is a 30-year old female) and is not defined by the disease.

She is an amazing, unequaled, unique athlete – a double threat – 3 time world champion in the sport of Para-taekwondo and the number 1 ranked and 3 time Australian champion for wheelchair tennis. Janine has only been competing in the sport of wheelchair tennis for the last 2 1/2 years after being picked up at a talent search. Within 3 months, Janine had won her first Australian title.

A dual threat

Janine, now 40 has a very determined, focused goal to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for the two sports.

Janine has also been ranked number 1 in the world since 2014 for Para-taekwondo Poomsae (Poomsae in taekwondodo are set patterns of techniques where you are individually evaluated). For Poomsae, you start on 10 and they mark you down from there.  Even though Janine’s balance can be affected, she is still number 1 in the world!


More than an athlete

We are inspired by Janine’s phenomenal focus and love her passion in wanting to help overcome adversity. In tandem with pursuing her extensive and demanding sporting schedule, Janine also works full-time as Head of Department for Maths and Science at one of Brisbane’s most prestigious schools. She understands what the demands of today’s society place on school children and wants to help ‘undo’ some of that concern that children have.  “There is so much anxiety in kids today and everyone thinks you have to be perfect and everything has to be fun and entertaining. Life isn’t always perfect and that is ok.”

Janine has a passion to educate and advocate to increase awareness of MS and the support that MS Queensland provides; supporting MS Queensland’s commitment that no Queenslander faces MS alone.  We are very excited to have Janine as our MS Ambassadors, and joining her in her mission to be the best in her field for wheelchair tennis and taekwondo at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!


Passion issues:

Raising awareness of MS

People living their best life

Educate and advocate to increase awareness of MS

Positive role model