I have MS, MS doesn’t have me

Josie and the MS journey she has been on for almost 20 years has changed her life, learning a level of resilience, adaptability and positivity that she admits she probably wouldn’t have learnt through a ‘normal’ non-MS life.

Josie has always been focused on health and wellbeing and after her MS diagnosis made changes to her diet and made regular exercise a priority.  Then about six years ago, Josie was struck with another unexpected health event when she collapsed with a brain haemorrhage from a brain aneurysm. After being airlifted to a Brisbane hospital, days later the unthinkable happened and Josie suffered a stroke.  Josie was determined to fight this new health challenge, it wasn’t easy but after many months and rehabilitation Josie recovered.

Living almost 3hrs drive from Brisbane, Josie is passionate about supporting newly diagnosed people with MS, particularly within her community and share the support that MS Queensland provides for them to live their best life.  Over the two decades since diagnosis, Josie has needed the services of MS Queensland and shares widely with her community of the help MS Queensland provides, which is funded by events like the Brissie to the Bay ,   “I know that MS Queensland will be there in the future for anyone who needs their help.”

Our committed MS Queensland Ambassador will ride in her 10th Brissie to the Bay in 2020, and we are looking forward to celebrating with her and her great support network of wonderful friends and family.

Josie hopes that she can continue to live her journey positively into the future and live her motto that Josie may have MS, but MS doesn’t have Josie.


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