Katie Mattin

Katie Mattin, the vivacious, sassy radio DJ at Nova had only just given birth to her beautiful twin girls when she was diagnosed with MS.

Katie was feeding her daughters one night and her toe went really numb. She didn’t think much of it because it was cold, but then the next morning it hadn’t improved. When Katie was diagnosed, she didn’t know much about MS but feared the worst.

Katie’s Journey with MS

Now 9 years later, Katie wants to give people living with MS hope.  As MS Ambassador Katie’s hope is if someone was diagnosed tomorrow, they would think, “oh, that girl from the radio, she has MS and she is still working and she seems to be doing okay.”

When Katie was diagnosed she had a positive frame of mind and life continued well over the next five years which included a move from the UK to Australia.  The warmer weather of Brisbane seemed to suit Katie having no new symptoms and helping her with her energy levels.

However, in August 2015, Katie lost the feeling in the bottom of both of her feet, with the numbness slowly moving up her leg. Like any other young mother Katie panicked as she hadn’t had any issues for so long and she didn’t know if it was going to get better or worse. And how she was going to pick up the kids from school if she couldn’t move her legs.

Katie continues to manage her MS through consistency with her medication, regular exercise and boot camps, and keeping a positive frame of mind.

Katie’s advice and hope for a person who is newly diagnosed, is to not google MS.   Diagnosis is a confronting time and in hindsight she shares that she shouldn’t have done that.

As an MS Ambassador Katie wants to be someone for people who are newly diagnosed to hear her story, look to and see that she is living her life.


Passion issues:

Raising awareness of MS

People living their best life

Inspiring others (with MS) to maximise their life & follow their dreams

Positive role model


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