Rachel Kerr

Rachel Kerr was still at school when she experienced her first MS symptoms including mobility and serious visual problems.

Since that time of Rachel’s diagnosis, she has become a mother to two beautiful children, has a wonderful husband, fantastic job with an employer who is very understanding of her MS and in her ‘spare’ time also helps run the family business.

The support of others makes life rich

After seven years of living with MS, Rachel remembers the things she was told that she would never be able to do, but Rachel loves to share with people what a great life she has and believes she owes so many thanks to the amazing people who enable her every day.

Rachel is a fantastic MS Ambassador who will share great examples of  how she raises awareness of MS and the impact that the disease has on her daily life and the lives of other people living with the challenge of MS.  She always remains positive and provides invaluable support to other young people living with MS through establishing and running the Young People living with MS Support Group in Rockhampton.


Passion issues:

  • Supporting newly diagnosed people with MS
  • Advocate for regional issues
  • Employment
  • NDIS
  • MS Events – Swimathon


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