Ursula Lockwood

Ursula has always been a fabulous communicator; the former Make-Up Artist loves a chat and has a gift of forming immediate connections with everyone she meets.  Since her diagnosis of MS over 18 years ago she has connected with many people living with MS and knows how important it is to communicate with others to talk about daily experiences and feelings.

A True Gatherer of People

Believing so strongly in helping others to overcome loneliness and fighting isolation, Ursula has made it her mission to bring smiles back to people’s faces to connect a new community, so she started a new Support Group.

Over the past almost 20 years, Ursula has continually set new challenges for herself, in MS fundraisers, including travelling in 2008 to North India and trekked an average of 7 kms a day, and in 2012 rode 480 km through Cambodia.  Now Ursula loves to focus on the MS Queensland Brissie to the Bay motivating and inspiring others to join Team Flamingo and raise important awareness and funds!

Ursula shares she is still moving, dancing, laughing and crying but I never feels sorry for herself and uses her experience to help others.  When life sometimes seems overwhelming, Urs just says to herself, ‘Back on yer’ bike!

Passion issues:


Exercise – Bike riding, gym, strength training