Wendy Lovelace – Making the world a more accessible place

Beauty of design and its function and usability are critical and non-negotiable for passionate architect and accessibility consultant Wendy Lovelace.

Everyday Wendy’s work assists the whole community in being more inclusive. She works to accommodate everyone’s needs through the knowledge and passion that when we make environments accessible, we aren’t assisting one community; we are enabling our whole community to be included.

Wendy’s Vision

Wendy’s work and dedication to ensure the world is accessible for all brings great influence and leadership, particularly in Queensland to the building industry, airlines and transport industries. She combines professional knowledge with lived experience and is a powerful advocate for MS Queensland.

Wendy’s goal is to empower others and her dream is for accessible communities to be seamless. Most recently, after being a member of a special project working group to ensure the modification outcomes on Queensland trains, she ensured they were not only compliant with legislation, but as functional as possible for as many people as possible.

Through Wendy’s professional and lived experience, she knows that utilising universal design principles at the outset of all work that is undertaken whether it be in the home, the park or on trains, ensures everyone will have their own choice to interact in their own home and community as they wish.

Passion issues:

– Architecture

– Universal Housing Design

– Accessibility and inclusion

– Beauty in our environment