Specialist Disability Accommodation Vacancies

As people move and change lifestyles depending on their individual needs, accommodation becomes available for new residents. You can browse the list of available homes and request to be included in the selection process for new residents.

South East Queensland

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MS Queensland is a SDA registered service provider. Our accommodation sites provide residents the opportunity to live their lives as independently as possible while being provided the highest quality of care.

Application Criteria

  • NDIS participant
  • Approved, or on the path for approval for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) at High Physical Support category
  • Has a diagnosis of a neurological condition
  • Willing to contract all Supported Independent Living (SIL) services through MSQ
  • Be ready to move in within 3 months
  • Be suited to a service & housing solution in this region (ie – a family, social connection to the region& a desire to engage in this local community)

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