7 Week Virtual Wellness Program

Given what is currently taking place worldwide this 7 week program is a way for our community to connect and look after their wellbeing. This program includes a range of physical and mental wellness activities that you can do from home. Each week will focus on a new theme and include tips, tricks and suggestions to help our community look after themselves through this time.

The best place to stay up to date and join this virtual program is through the MS Queensland Facebook. This is where you can register for webinars and stay up to date with wellness tips.

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Wellness Calendar

Week 1: Covid-19 and MS – Learn from MS Specialist Nurse Tim about what COVID-19 means for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Week 2: Employment  Janet from the MS Employment Support Service will share strategies for working with MS, including tips for school holidays and working from home.

Week 3: Staying active at home part 1  Week 3 & 4 will focus on different ways we can stay active at home. Each week will be interactive and look at different strategies to stay fit, including yoga and stretching.

Week 4: Staying active at home part 2

Week 5: Mindfulness and meditation – Debby from corporate yoga will providing mindfulness tips and techniques, journaling and activities to bring more mindful awareness into your day.

Week 6: Diet and MS – This week we will hear from some people in our community on their favourite recipes and diet tips for everyone to try.

Week 7: Brain health and staying connected  With staying connected becoming more important in this current climate, we ask our community how they stay connected with each other and look after their mental wellbeing.




WEEK 4 & 5