Help Extend the Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) in Queensland!

12/04/2019 by MS Queensland

Help Extend the Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) in Queensland!

MS Queensland along with other disability organisations are calling on the Queensland Government to extend the Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) for two years for NDIS participants.

This critical funding is set to cease on 30 June 2019 for NDIS participants, leaving approximately 10,000 Queenslanders with no access to affordable transport options.

The NDIS is still in the process of establishing new and adequate transport supports, with many of our people reporting that the level of funding provided by the NDIS is just not enough.

The TSS subsidises half of a taxi fare (up to a maximum of $25). Queensland NDIS participants will also be impacted by the removal of the $20 ‘Lift Payment’ that the Government offers to Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) drivers who transport TSS members, as an added incentive to improve services for people with a disability.

These Queenslanders, who are already extremely vulnerable to social isolation, will be left stranded due to basic transport support becoming unaffordable, excluding them from everyday activities including staying connected to family and friends, study and employment.

There are also concerns that removing the TSS and the Lift Payment will lead to less incentives for WAT operators to offer services to Queenslanders with a disability.

MS Queensland and other disability organisations are asking the Queensland Government to take all possible measures to ensure the TSS and Lift Payment is extended by two years for Queensland NDIS participants. This will provide more time for the Commonwealth and state-based transport subsidy systems to align and ensure Queenslanders with a disability are not disadvantaged.

How can you help?

To find out more about the campaign to extend the TSS, you can visit our friends at Spinal Life Australia’s website for more info.

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