Improvements for the NDIS Announced

06/01/2020 by MS Queensland

Improvements for the NDIS Announced

In November, the Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Stuart Robert announced the government’s plans to improve the NDIS.

There were six areas of focus announced, all of which have specific activities to deliver on the promise of the NDIS. These six are:

  • Quicker access and quality decision-making
  • Increased engagement and collaboration
  • Market innovation and improved technology
  • A financially sustainable NDIS
  • Equitable and consistent decisions
  • Improve the long-term outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers


Here’s a summary from Every Australian Counts with their take on the changes.


Flexibility of Funding

From July 2020, participants will be able to move their funding between core and capacity building.


Help with Assessments

In 2020, the NDIA will roll out independent assessments for people applying for access. The assessments will be paid for by the NDIA. Previously, it has been up to the individual to access and pay for their own assessments which can be a massive barrier to getting access to the NDIS.


Draft Plans

From April 2020, you will be able to meet with your Local Area Coordinator, and a planner to review your draft plan before it is approved. Previously you’ve simply received your approved plan after your planning meeting rather than having a chance to make sure the plan accurately reflects your goals and needs etc.


You will now be able to make small changes to your plan without it triggering a formal review.

There’s a few other things that the team at Every Australian Counts is still closely monitoring and there’s been some positive progress so far. These are:

    • Wait times for children have reduced but need to continue to be reduced.
    • The waitlist for assistive technology approvals has been halved but there are still thousands of approvals waiting. There’s still work to be done here.
    • There are further changes coming for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) including allowing participants to live with partners, family or housemates


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