“I only had one thought on my mind — we have to get Karyn back home with us.”


– Cathy (Accommodation Manager)

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Facing her final weeks in hospital, we wanted Karyn home

During her time with us, Karyn had no family that we knew of.

Long before she passed, our nurses and support workers, along with fellow residents, became her family.

When Karyn was diagnosed with advanced kidney stones – the hospital could only provide ‘comfort measures’.

We knew we could provide the round the clock care she needed. We also knew we could be the ones to sit by her bed and hold her hand.

We had to get her home.


Without the support of generous people like you, none of this would have even been possible. People like Karyn need your help to ensure they receive the same care and support.

Please will you give a gift to make sure that people living with MS aren’t alone — at Christmas or at any stage of their journey?

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Our nurses stayed back so she wouldn’t be afraid

Karyn’s final weeks were special. She got to spend it out of the hospital and at Springfield Apartments; her home.

It’s not often people in palliative care get that chance.

In her final few weeks, Karyn received the best possible care, surrounded by her favourite things.



But without help from generous people like you, we would have never been given the chance to care for Karyn. Your kind donation today will give that chance to more people.

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People like Karyn need your help

Karyn’s final days would have been very different, if we didn’t have MS nurses — she would have stayed in hospital and spent her last moments alone.

Our nurses need time to become like family.


They need time to offer round the clock care; to take the time to get to know someone; to sit by their bed and hold their hand.

Our nurses need to be there for people like Karyn around the clock, so they can spend their final days in their home.


We need to raise $135,000 by December 25th, so we don’t have to turn people away.


This Christmas, please donate and make sure that people like Karyn can be surrounded by a caring family of nurses and support workers — throughout their entire journey.


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