MS Queensland Advocacy Priorities

01/10/2019 by MS Queensland

MS Queensland Advocacy Priorities

MS Queensland recently undertook a community survey to understand what advocacy issues were a priority for people living with MS and other neurological conditions.

Our community’s voice is integral to making sure we advocate for issues of importance to you. We will use your feedback to advocate directly and work with the Queensland State Government and MS Australia to advocate on issues that are most important to you.

The survey asked participants to identify the issues that were most important to them and why.


The top three issues identified were:

  1. Ability to pay electricity bill and access to public transport
  2. Access to the NDIS (how to access, eligibility, length of time, terminology) and MS products and services are local to where I live
  3. Ability to access my local community e.g. footpaths, ramps and financial support (budgeting or financial planning) in meeting your cost of living

MS Queensland will now use this feedback to ensure we keep these issues at the forefront of our advocacy work and your voice is heard by government policy and decision makers.

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