Saying ‘yes’ to life: Lisa’s story

09/03/2021 by MS Queensland


Lisa has a great zest for life. After being diagnosed five years ago with MS, Lisa’s confidence took a momentary hard hit. However, after embracing the motto of ‘saying yes to everything’, Lisa found herself becoming even more determined in life. 

Lisa has always led a busy life; working in banking and finance, a dance studio, and helping with lessons. It came as a total shock when she started getting sick. After multiple scans and five days in a neurology ward, the doctors were still not sure what was happening and began determining her illness to a stroke, without checking for MS. Despite a migraine persisting, Lisa was sent home, however, the migraine just got worse.

Lisa visited her GP who sent her to the hospital as her mobility was also affected.  This turned into a three-week stay.  Lisa’s GP did another scan as she thought she had MS and made sure Lisa was put on the right treatment. During this very confusing time, Lisa began practising mindfulness. Lisa cannot say enough about this and the benefits it has bought to her life.

After receiving her diagnosis on the 1st of Nov 2016, Lisa refuses to sit on the sidelines of life. She has been involved with her support group on the Gold Coast and has taken over maternity cover for the support group convenor, meaning she organises meetings for young people on the Gold Coast to come together and receive information about MS and connect with MS Queensland.

Lisa has also travelled widely – she is currently in Cairns to learn how to scuba dive! It is the life event of being diagnosed with MS that made Lisa say yes to everything and always looking for her next conquest.

Dancing for over ten years, Lisa still experiences dizziness and vertigo interference but is incredibly passionate and committed to dance. Salsa dancing is, in fact, how Lisa came to meet her husband. While dancing may not be at the top of Lisa’s husband’s activities, he appreciates the joy dance gives to Lisa. “When Lisa dances, it is like your inner child comes to the surface,” he says.


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