Counselling & Mindfulness

Counselling and mindfulness practices can help manage a number of multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms, and can positively contribute to improved quality of life. MS Queensland provides mindfulness workshops and can connect you with qualified counsellors and psychologists.

Counselling services

MS Queensland retains the services of a clinical psychologist who can help you manage anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health issues associated with MS.  Our psychologist specialises in neurological disorders and has many strategies and techniques to help manage the impact of MS.  If you live in remote or regional areas our Service Coordination team can connect you with psychologists and counsellors in your local community.

To find out more about our counselling services, please phone the NeuroAssist InfoLine on 1800 177 591 or contact us on You can also request a call back from one of our NeuroAssist team members.

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