Logo Stacked colour RGB EN 417x270In line with the 2017 World MS Day theme 'Life with MS' we invite you to share your own MS story... 

Life with MS can be difficult. Each day can bring new challenges, which may need new solutions.

We are asking you to share your tips for living well with MS. You might have solutions to challenges like remembering things, coping with stress and emotions, balance problems, managing bladder issues or dealing with fatigue.

Remember, MS affects everyone differently and, sadly, people are being diagnosed all the time. Your tip could make a huge difference to someone's life.

We’d love to hear and share your story of life with MS. You might like to:

  • provide inspiration through your unique story of living positively with MS; or

  • share how valuable your support network (employer, family member, friend) has been to helping you continue living your best life; or

  • tell us how you live well with MS. 

Over the years we’ve received a huge number of inspiring stories from people in the MS community; all who have had different experiences of living with MS. A number of these stories are listed below and available to read and inspire you.  



Remember, we love hearing your 'Life with MS...' stories so please share them with us! If you'd like to share yours in 500 words or less, please send your story to our Advocacy Manager, Natalie Walsh at natalie.walsh@msqld.org.au or call her on 07 3840 0823. 



My MS story... is a collection of stories from people living with MS. You can read them here.


To help make a difference to the things that matter in your life and others living with MS, please contact Natalie Walsh via email at natalie.walsh@msqld.org.au or phone 07 3840 0823