If you acquire a disability when aged 65 years or older you can access the aged care system. Likewise, if you are aged 65 years or older when the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) becomes available where you live, you can access the aged care system. More information about the aged care system can be found below. 



Changes are currently happening as to how home care services are delivered to people over 65 years in Australia, and as of 27 February 2017 three major changes will take effect for people with home care packages levels 1-4:

  1. Funding will follow the consumer, which means packages become portable allowing people to change providers and direct their funding to the provider of their choice.

  2. Access to home care packages will occur according to a national prioritisation system managed by My Aged Care, which will allow for more equitable and flexible distribution of packages to eligible consumers.

  3. Reduced red-tape for providers, which means that the process of becoming a provider will be streamlined and focussed on the ability of an organisation as a whole to deliver quality care.



Consumer Directed Care refers to the fact that you have flexibility and choice in the delivery of your home care package, and that providers must work in partnership with you to design and deliver services that meet your goals and needs. It gives you more control over the types of care and services you receive, how they are delivered, when and by whom. It means that providers are required to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your home care in order to design an innovative package and care plan to best meet your needs. It also means that you are entitled to have this plan re-evaluated as your needs change. You can request to have a support person with you when discussing your care needs with your home care provider, such as a family member, a friend or an advocate. If you are registered with MS Queensland you may also request that the Support Coordinator for your area be your support person.

You can find out more about consumer directed care from this fact sheet.



My Aged Care is the portal through which people over 65 years can apply for home care services, such as assistance with cleaning, shopping or personal care, and for residential accommodation and respite services. People can request support by registering their needs via the My Aged Care website or by calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. If you are registered with MS Queensland you can also contact the Service Coordinator for your area who can assist with this process.



For further information on our support coordination service - NeuroCoordinate, or to register with MS Queensland, please contact the MS Queensland Information Line on 1800 177 591.