The service is the only MS specialist employment service for people living with MS in Queensland that can help you succeed at work, whether that is staying in your current job or finding new employment.

The MS Employment Support Service is specifically designed to address the needs of people living with MS who are having difficulty managing symptoms in the workplace or seeking new employment. Our service offers individualised support and assistance that will help enable you to manage your symptoms and continue working. 


Symptoms  that many people may struggle with in the workplace may include: 

  • trouble moving around the workplace 
  • difficulty accessing the bathroom 
  • problems with concentration and memory 
  • stiffness and pain 
  • fatigue 

How we can help? 

If you're currently working but feel as though MS is impacting on your ability to work, we can provide assistance and advice that will help you maintain your employment. 

Whatever your symptoms may be, our specialist team of allied health professionals will assist you to identify the individual barriers you are experiencing at work and develop strategies to help you to remain being a productive employee. 

For example, MS-related fatigue is one of the main reasons people prematurely leave the workforce. Strategies to relieve the impact of fatigue in the workplace may include taking regular breaks, modifying work structure or hours, doing regular exercise, modifying the workplace or using an adaptive piece of equipment. 

If you are currently not working and would like support in seeking new employment, we may be able to assist you to identify suitable jobs, write a resume and practice interview techniques. Once you have found a job we also provide ongoing support to help you maintain your employment. 

What do we offer?

  • Assessments to review your physical and cognitive funciton. 

  • Assistance to identify and plan for suitable symptom management strategies that work for you. 

  • a holistic assessment and plan to help you identify and address anything that may impact your ability to work and function. 

  • Comprehensive workplace assessment to review current duties, workplace set up and advice on how to modify your hours of work if suitable. 

  • Advice and assistance to utliise new technology and equipment that may better suit your needs. 

  • Advice and support to liaise with employers and managers. 

  • Education to employers and co-workers. 

To find out more contact our friendly NeuroAssist Team on 1800 177 591 or  

Meet the Team!

Janet McPherson – Service Delivery Manager
Janet has worked as clinical lead/Senior Rehabilitation Consultant for many years and has the following academic qualifications BSc Psych and B.App Sc. OT Hons. Janet is also qualified in assessment/training and a member of several professional associations. Janet has extensive experience building allied health teams and delivering award winning allied health services.

Jared McKewin – Employment Support Consultant
Jared is a qualified occupational therapist having completed his bachelor of OT in 2015 along with other qualifications in fitness as a master trainer. Jared has progressed quickly in his career as an OT and recently left his Senior Rehabilitation Consultant position to join the MS Queensland team. 

Karen O’Donnell – Employment Development Consultant
Karen has extensive experience in the Disability Employment sector. Karen’s formal qualifications in Community Welfare and breadth of experience having worked in community programmes over many years, in particular over the past 9 years in employment services, brings the necessary skills to assist participants seek and gain meaningful employment.
















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