MSQ2217 Neuro Function logoThe MS Queensland NeuroFunction service offers personalised assessment and advice by specialised occupational therapists to enable those living with a progressive neurological disease to maximise their participation in the activities of everyday living.

Occupational Therapists at MS Queensland assess and work with customers to enable function and continue with activities they like to do, need to do or must do for as long as possible, where they may otherwise have been limited by their condition. 

An initial consultation involves an assessment of individual function and the environment, including home, work and self-care tasks, level of fatigue, sleep issues and any difficulties with cognition. Further recommendations and the provision of essential information are provided. Ongoing therapy may follow, including retraining or learning new strategies, the use of aids or equipment or the loan of equipment for trial where possible for promoting independence, mobility and safety. 

For more information or to book an appointment please call InfoLine on 1800 177 591 or email Bel Dubois at


The MS Queensland Occupational Therapists also run group sessions on a variety of topics, including:

  • sleep and fatigue management
  • employment and MS
  • pain and self- management 
  • brain health

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