MSQ2217 Neuro Physio logoThe MS Queensland NeuroPhysio service offers specialised neurological physiotherapy and exercise therapy to improve the physical capabilities of people with progressive neurological diseases in order to enhance their level of participation in their day to day lives.

We provide specialised neurological physiotherapy for anyone living with a progressive neurological disease. Our programs are designed to suit you, and there is no referral required. 

Our personalised treatment will improve your physical capability to engage in everyday life. We understand your condition. We’ll work with you to improve areas of concern and develop techniques to manage them. 

We can help you ease many symptoms including balance and mobility problems, fatigue, spasticity and spasms, muscle weakness, cardiorespiratory fitness, ataxia, confidence and activity participation, pain, and trouble moving the body in everyday activities.


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TOOWOOMBA - NeuroPhysio Information Session 
28 May 2018

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29 May 2018

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11 April 2018 and 16 May 2018

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18 May 2018

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28 May 2018


Exercise Support Volunteer (ESV) Program 

Our Exercise Support Volunteer Program is offered to people living with MS who need to participate in a maintenance therapy program but lack the supports or financial resources to access this type of service. 

More about the program: Exercise Support Volunteer Program Flyer



An initial consultation with a neurological physiotherapist involves extensive and detailed assessment, discussing your capabilities, challenges and concerns about your condition. Subsequent consultations work on your individual needs to improve your physical outcomes. We’re focused on achieving the best outcomes for you, building a relationship with you for the long term. 

We may plan and provide a holistic therapy and exercise routine for you, focusing on specific challenging areas to significantly improve your physical capacity. This could be home-based, clinic-based, or a combination. You may attend for one or multiple appointments depending on your needs. 

We also have extensive experience in instructing carers or support people on how to best assist you in a physically safe manner.





To make an appointment or find out more, email or phone us on 1800 177 591