A number of peer support groups operate around Queensland offering localised self-help, friendship and support for people living with MS. The groups are autonomous and operate independently of MS Queensland and the number and diversity of groups reflect the vibrant and unique communities and people around the State. 

To find your nearest MS support group click here or contact the MS Queensland InfoLine on 1800 177 591.



Some groups are just social in nature (eg going out for coffee or the gym) whereas others are more structured to provide education and information on different aspects of MS. Some groups have been meeting for more than 20 years while others have only just formed. It doesn’t really matter what a group looks like or how many people attend, so long as everyone benefits from the fun, friendship and support on offer. What is probably most important is to find a group that best suits you!


Groups are encouraged to communicate and share ideas and information with each other. MS Queensland supports this by being the “clearing house” for what’s happening with groups - for example MS Queensland publishes a monthly support group newsletter with MS information. MS Queensland also hosts an annual gathering that brings together MS support group representatives to share ideas with each other. 

Support groups around the state are actively encouraged to keep in contact with each other. MS Queensland volunteer, Jenni Saunders has the important role of convening regular state-wide group meetings via phone, email and Skype video conferences. If you would like to join in these meetings or make contact with Jenni please click here.
The latest newsletter is available by clicking here.


Some groups combine fundraising for MS Queensland with their social activities (eg volunteering for a Bunning’s BBQ). Doing so is completely up to the members of a group, however for legal reasons we ask that groups adhere to our fundraising guidelines when undertaking any fundraising under the name of MS Queensland.



To find your nearest MS support group click here or contact the MS Queensland InfoLine on 1800 177 591