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Watch this informative webinar ‘Understanding Specialist Disability Accommodation’ from our accommodation team and learn more about SDA & SIL.

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With a little help from MS Queensland and the NDIS, you’ll be able to take control of life by making new connections, pursuing life goals and living with more freedom and flexibility.

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Life with MS Queensland

Brooke’s Move to the Gabba

After living at MS Queensland’s Annerley Apartments for 9 years, it was time for a move for Brooke. When she heard about the new apartments in the Gabba, Brooke embraced the opportunity for state of the art city living.

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The World as I’ve Seen It: Michael’s Journey from Aged Care to MS Queensland

When Michael’s MS progressed to the point where he needed to be in full time care, he sought out aged care as a solution. What he didn’t know is that he would be out and back with his family after only 3 weeks.

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Future Accommodation Sites

MS Queensland has begun providing services and accommodation primarily in the southern part of Queensland – but we’re continuing to grow.

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