Neuro Physiotherapy

MS Queensland offers neurological physiotherapy services tailored to the needs of people with MS and other progressive neurological diseases. Learn how you can access physio clinics, information sessions and group exercise sessions through MS Queensland.


Neurophysio clinics

MS Queensland provides neurophysio services at our clinics and at the clinics of our neurophysio partners. Our neurophysio partners are trained by MS Queensland and undergo a rigorous application and approval process. This ensures they provide high quality, evidencd-based services tailored to the needs of people with MS and other PND.

MS Queensland is a registered provider of NDIS services and can provide physiotherapy services as specified in your NDIS package.

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Our Neurophysio clinics offer the following services:

  • Individual Assessments and follow up consultation
  • Review Consultations for previous clients
  • Time limited treatment for symptom and self-management advice
  • Exercise prescriptions for ‘Home Exercise Programs’ including training of support people if required
  • Home visits if the need is required

Neurophysio information sessions

These free sessions are delivered face-to-face across regions where MS Queensland or one of our trusted partners delivers our Neurological Physiotherapy services.

We explain how Neurological Physiotherapy is different to mainstream physiotherapy and the role of our neurophysio services in the management of MS and other PND.

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Neurophysio exercise groups

Our group classes incorporate supervised clinical exercise programs, training in self-management techniques or a combination of these. Groups are tailored to address specific issues and the sessions are fun, gentle, motivating and friendly. They are especially designed for individuals needing extra care and support to exercise safely and effectively.

We also offer training for carers and family members, to help you safely and effectively support and aid others in carrying out neuroPhysio exercise routines.

You will need to have a NeuroPhysio assessment prior to joining your first group. Please call 1800 177 591 to book your assessment.

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