The impacts of your support for Queenslanders living with MS

For 60 years, the support we have received has allowed MS Queensland to provide a life of pride and dignity to people living with MS, their friends, and families. The services we have been able to provide from fundraising continues to enable our community to live positively with MS…This is our impact.

The contribution from our generous supporters has seen us invest in research, the development of high needs housing and expanding our services, bringing them to our community.

Your donations funded the MS research

Our financial support of MS research has brought enormous hope to the thousands of Queenslanders living with MS. Through Queensland clinical trials, strides have been made in understanding the underlying cause of MS and improving treatment options for those living with the disease.


● Ongoing donations to ultimately fund a cure

● Ground-breaking, local trials

● A life changed


Gary Allen

A local MS trial had encouraging results with no patient experiencing a progression of their disability.

“All of my symptoms improved and some disappeared altogether. “My productivity at work was completely transformed and for the first time in a decade my family and I were able to go away on holiday,”


helped us provide housing needs…

Queensland is in the grip of a high needs housing crisis. There is a dire lack of affordable, accessible, age-appropriate housing for people with progressive neurological diseases, like multiple sclerosis (MS).

People are being forced from their homes or living in unsuitable conditions because their homes can’t adapt to their changing needs. Many young people find their only option is moving into aged care. Project Dignity 120 seeks to lead the way in ending the high need housing crisis for people living with progressive neurological diseases in Queensland by building 120 high-care apartments across 10 locations over the next 10 years.


● 18 new apartments built in 2018

● Returning independence and dignity to those with high care needs


Suzanne Berry

Suzanne’s arrival at her new Project Dignity 120 apartment Suzanne’s arrival at her new Project Dignity 120 apartment was one of her first real moments of excitement for years.

“I was beside myself, and I have never seen my dad so happy in my life,”.

“People have had confidence in me, which has given me my confidence back.”

“Because MS Queensland stepped in, they (my parents) don’t have to parent me at 44.”


…and open 10 new wellbeing and service centres across Queensland.

Listening to feedback from the MS community, we have opened 10 new service centres across the state, bringing our services to the community. Finding the right service can be overwhelming for people who are already managing living with a chronic disease. Our hubs combine the range of services a person may need, all in one place and in their local community. This project is a direct response to the community’s need for high quality, holistic services from trusted and experienced providers.


● Providing necessary services for our entire PND community

● Facilitating easier access for a higher quality of life


Susan Parker

The recent opening of our latest Progressive Neurological Disease Wellbeing Centre in Ipswich means the fatigue from long travel times is no longer a burden for Susan.

“It’s wonderful, it gives me the opportunity to move my body and strengthen muscles more safely,”

“[Otherwise] we would have had to go into Dutton Park, which is quite a drive – this being much closer to home makes it easier to come in for a session every week.”




With so many of our biggest projects yielding such fulfilling results, we’ve never been prouder. It doesn’t matter whether you have MS, MND or another progressive neurological disease, we will do everything we can to make sure you face it with strength and guidance.

“…what I’ve really come to rely on from MS Queensland is something that’s difficult to put a price on – self-respect and being treated as a human being.” – Gary Allen