Thank you to our supporters who stuck by us this year!


Last year, saw great change in a short period of time and a new normal for all of us. It is thanks to the ongoing support of our generous supporters that we were able to provide some essential certainty for the MS community. The certainty that they aren’t alone and there is hope.

If you are one of our incredible supporters who have generously donated, fundraised and volunteered – THANK YOU! You are heroes and continue to save the day for the 3970 Queenslanders living with MS. We don’t take your support for granted! Together we are strong. Together we will ensure no one faces MS alone now or in the future.

How our supporters made a difference

NeuroAssist Line (free help line)


Over 7000 calls were answered from people living with MS, their carers, families and friends who were looking for a friendly ear during a dark time including 400 people living with MS who joined the MS community and received support and services for the first time.


Funding research


Over $620,000 was contributed to research

Through Queensland clinical trials as part of the study lead by Professor Michael Pender, strides have been made in understanding the underlying cause of MS and improving treatment options for those living with the disease.

Nurse Support

MS Nurses held 856 appointments with people living with MS and their families to help them manage their pain and medication. This can take someone from uncertain and scared to empowered and in control.



Specialist Disability Apartments in Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast were funded. These apartments will change the lives of each resident and their families by giving them choice and control over where they live. This is all part of our Best Life Project to help solve the disability housing crisis.


Wellbeing Centres


Thanks to our supporters, six Wellbeing Centres across Queensland continue to provide local access to vital services to people living in those communities.

Wellness Programs

You helped over 570 people across Queensland access a seven-week Virtual Wellness Program that guided physical and mental wellness activities in the home. During this period of increased isolation this was a lifeline.


Regional Support


You helped connect people in regional Queensland and those unable to leave their house, get the support and connection they needed to manage their MS. For the first time, our service coordinators, who help people access vital equipment, and physiotherapists could be accessed via Telehealth video calls.

Gifts for the future

Thank you to those 92 donors who have made the truly generous decision to leave a gift to MS Queensland in their Will.

Your values and beliefs will live on long into the future and help ensure one day we live in a world free from MS and its devastating impact.


The people you’ve helped…


“The very same day we found out I was pregnant with our first child, I was diagnosed with MS.
I can’t begin to describe the range of emotions my husband Matt and I went through in those early days.”

“When our daughter Hannah came into our lives, it was such a beautiful moment for us. Becoming a mum gave me a new perspective on life. It gave me the motivation and drive to control my MS journey.
I couldn’t have done this without the help of donors and staff of MS Queensland.”


“Since having MS Queensland’s assistance with my NDIS plan, I’ve been leaps and bounds ahead and through being linked with a skilled occupational therapist, I’ve been able to get all of my modifications and equipment I need installed in my home.

The team have made a real effort to help me understand what support I can get access to”

Peter Law

Peter Law with Tas on a telehealth call


“After the trial, Professor Pender has given me hope. I now get excited about looking to my future. My eldest daughter’s getting married – I’m looking forward to that and hopefully being strong enough to hold a little grandchild one day”

We are deeply grateful to you for choosing to continue to support people living with MS and other neurological conditions

Thank you to the supporters of MS Queensland

Our Donor Promise

Our promise is to treat you with respect, honesty and openness

Because you have a desire to give,
We have an opportunity to fulfil that desire.

Because you have choice in charitable giving,
Our service must be superior.

Because you have a sense of urgency,
We must act promptly.

Because you have expectations,
We must exceed them.

Because you are valued,
We must provide exceptional experiences.

Because trust is important to you,
We must preserve that trust through good stewardship and transparency.


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