The lasting impact of your support

For over 60 years, our supporters have provided a life of pride and dignity to people living with MS and other neurological conditions.  We rely on people like you to make a real impact on the lives of nearly 4,000 Queenslanders living with MS who need our support.

The services MS Queensland have been able to provide is thanks to our incredible supporters who have gone over and above in their efforts to donate, fundraise and volunteer. This has enabled our community to continue to live positively with MS. We don’t take that incredible support for granted.

Our supporters have helped to fund vital services over the past 12 months, such as:

Wellbeing Centres

People can access services that significantly improve their quality of life, all under one roof!

5 Wellbeing Centres across Queensland continued to be funded including 2 new centres to help people live well locally


Giving a home to Queenslanders across the state, and allowing people to live more independently in age appropriate living

40 residents regained their independence

The NeuroAssist infoline

People had access to a friendly voice, allowing for hope in their darkest time

7417 phone calls were answered giving hope to thousands
2443 calls into the MS community were made

Nurse Support

People newly diagnosed with MS were able to receive expert education and information about treatments and symptom management.

27 workshops, information sessions and webinars
19 home visits were made


Physiotherapy is a vital service that helps someone feel seen, heard and understood. An MS Queensland physio can see someone’s invisible symptoms. They are the first person to understand what someone might be going through – imagine what that must feel like.

7 clinics were run
159 people received funding to receive this vital service

MS research

Because of our amazing supporters, we can fund vital research into MS which has brought enormous hope to the thousands of Queenslanders living with MS. Through Queensland clinical trials as part of the study lead by Professor Michael Pender, strides have been made in understanding the underlying cause of MS and improving treatment options for those living with the disease.

Over $500, 000 was contributed to research

Your impact during the COVID-19 pandemic

Imagine waking up not knowing whether you will be able to cross the road, go to work, or look after the kids today. Every case of MS is unique, and the symptoms, severity and progress of the disease are different for everyone. MS can affect the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves, and can cause problems with vision, balance, muscle control, and other basic body functions.

At MS Queensland, we provide care, support and hope to ensure no one has to face MS alone. Right now, the future feels more uncertain than ever.  It’s thanks to you, we can provide some essential certainty for the MS community.  The certainty that we will still be there for them.

Thanks to you, here’s how we’re responding to the COVID-19 situation: 

  • Neuro Assist Help Line remains open! If you or a loved one need help or advice please call our Neuro Assist line on 1800 177 591 or email to discuss any questions that you have. 
  • A special webinar was developed  ‘COVID-19 and MS’ with MS Nurse Tim O’Maley and held on Wednesday 25 March. Over 250 people registered to hear this important information.  Click here to watch or share the webinar recording. 
  • Even though Wellbeing Centres across the state will temporarily close, our physiotherapy teams are developing exercise programs for our community that can be safely managed at home instead. 
  • We have also launched an online 7-week wellness program which includes sessions and information on diet, exercise, mindfulness and resilience strategies so people living with MS can still access free advice and support to remain fit and well from their homes.   
  • We havimplemented further safety measures to protect those who receive and deliver care in our specialist disability accommodation sitesso we can keep residents in their homes longer. 
  • Service Coordination staff have moved their support from face to face appointments to other methods such as teleconferencing, email and video conferencing, so people in both metropolitan and regional Queensland can still access vital support services at this time. 

The people you’ve helped…

Suzanne Berry

Suzanne’s arrival at her new apartment provided by MS Queensland was one of her first real moments of excitement for years.

“I was beside myself, and I have never seen my dad so happy in my life,”.

“People have had confidence in me, which has given me my confidence back.”

“Because MS Queensland stepped in, they (my parents) don’t have to parent me at 44.”

Susan Parker

The recent opening of our latest Wellbeing Centre in Ipswich means the fatigue from long travel times is no longer a burden for Susan.

“It’s wonderful, it gives me the opportunity to move my body and strengthen muscles more safely,”

“[Otherwise] we would have had to go into Dutton Park, which is quite a drive – this being much closer to home makes it easier to come in for a session every week.”

Gary Allen

Gary was part of a local MS research trial that had encouraging results, with no patient experiencing a progression of their disability.

“All of my symptoms improved and some disappeared altogether. My productivity at work was completely transformed and for the first time in a decade my family and I were able to go away on holiday,”

“…what I’ve really come to rely on from MS Queensland is something that’s difficult to put a price on – self-respect and being treated as a human being.”

With so many services creating such an impact on so many lives, we’ve never been prouder and more grateful to every person that has allowed all this to happen.

Through our supporter’s commitment and dedication – they have helped us move closer to our vision to ensure that no one faces MS alone.

We can’t wait to see what we can continue to achieve together for those living with MS and other neurological conditions.

Our Donor Promise

Our promise is to treat you with respect, honesty and openness

Because you have a desire to give,
We have an opportunity to fulfil that desire.

Because you have choice in charitable giving,
Our service must be superior.

Because you have a sense of urgency,
We must act promptly.

Because you have expectations,
We must exceed them.

Because you are valued,
We must provide exceptional experiences.

Because trust is important to you,
We must preserve that trust through good stewardship and transparency.


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