Amanda Bennetts

Amanda received her MS diagnosis when she was just 25 years old. Amanda had undergone two years of medical investigation before she was diagnosed. During these years, she experienced chronic fatigue and an electric shock like feeling from my brain down my spine. Amanda’s first relapse happened when she was just 23, losing complete vision in her right eye for a short period of time. Amanda’s diagnosis forced her to leave her fast-paced human resource planning role, so she decided to pursue her passion and began a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Queensland College of Art.

Amanda now uses art to cope with the rapid changes in her life. In her art Amanda explores the relationship with her body now she lives with MS. Fragility and the broken body influence her photography, video, installations, printmaking, drawing and painting projects. Amanda believes that if she hadn’t been diagnosed with MS, she would have never been able to study art- an opportunity to she is so thankful for.

“Art also really helped me work through the challenges I faced, the diagnosis, winding up my career in HR and also grieving the person I was before having MS.

Art is an ongoing journey and it really has been a form of therapy for me to deal with all that life throws at me as a consequence of having MS.”


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