Occupational Therapy

Living with a neurological condition can present unique challenges. At MS Queensland, we understand the importance of tailored support to enhance the quality of life and independence.

Occupational Therapy (OT) plays a crucial role in the management and support of individuals living with a neurological condition. Our occupational therapists aim to enhance your ability to engage in everyday activities and improve overall quality of life.

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Our Team of Occupational Therapists can help you make life easier.

Occupational Therapists can assist you to achieve specific practical goals and improve confidence and independence in everyday living through:

        • Assessment and modifications for the home or work environment
        • Assistive technology/Equipment prescription and training
        • Training in new or adapted ways to achieve success with everyday activities of daily living -tasks at home, at work and for leisure
        • Arm and hand function assessment and retraining
        • Assessment of memory and cognitive functions, and strategies to improve or manage with important life tasks
        • Spasticity and oedema management
        • Activity strategies to support self-management of fatigue, stress and pain Strategies to optimise visual function
        • Community access review and adaptations
        • Monitoring of skin integrity and continence needs
        • Functional Capacity Assessment and review

We’re here for your movement journey

When you connect with MS Queensland Allied Health Service, you’ll be working with an Allied Health Professional who understands your neurological condition and its daily impact. Our team understands the challenges you face, and they can offer a practical management strategy for each symptom.

Neurological conditions can be unpredictable, so if you experience any challenges in day-to-day activities, even minor ones, please get in touch. While living with MS or a neurological condition can be complex, contacting our physiotherapy team is simple.

What’s next?

Our Occupational Therapists meet face-to-face with customers at our Neuro Wellness Hub, home visits as well as virtually using Telehealth. Enquire today and learn how our Occupational Therapists can assist you.

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Meet the team

Sarah Monch - Senior Occupational Therapist

Sarah is a qualified occupational therapist with over 20 years in health industry. Sarah’s professional experience extends to a variety of clinical settings including private practice, early intervention, functional assessment, and home support. Sarah has been involved with The University of Sydney consulting on various subjects for the undergraduate degree including part time lecturing. Sarah has presented at a range of conferences on specific intervention practices as well the occupational therapist’s role in transdisciplinary care.

Sarah’s areas of clinical interest include severe and complex disability management. She has provided specialised evaluations for services and equipment for clients for the Department of Education, Medicare, and NDIS. Sarah has also developed and run training modules for therapists, health care workers and care givers.

Sarah is dedicated to promoting function to enable individuals to perform activities of daily living and engage in meaningful activities. Greater independence and enhanced participation allows for overall improvement in quality of life.

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