Eleanor Rigden

Eleanor Rigden is an energetic music festival producer, who at 20 was diagnosed with MS. She was away on a camping trip with friends, when she experienced her first serious attack that saw her paralysed from the waist down and unable to walk. Eleanor couldn’t control her body temperature throughout the night and woke up not being able to see properly. Despite these symptoms, Eleanor didn’t really think anything too serious was going on. She was young and thought it was just a result of being run down and partying with friends.

Diagnosed at such young age, Eleanor wants to share her experience, particularly with newly diagnosed and her positive message with others particularly of living your life to the full and share examples of how she continues to live and enjoy the life she has always wanted from obtaining her Law Degree to securing her dream job doing what she loves.

“A good example is someone remarking on a woman parking in the disabled park space and jumping out of her car without a visual disability.

MS has many invisible symptoms — fatigue, pain, cognitive problems, memory loss, weakness, numbness, balance, and co-ordination problems — so people often don’t understand the disease because they can’t see the disability.”


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