Kate Casey

Kate Casey was 18, attending university, and an active teenager who played squash and loved yoga when she started experiencing chronic dizziness and lethargy. Then out of the blue, Kate received a shock diagnosis of MS. Kate’s positive attitude meant she learnt as much as she could about MS, which changed the way she looked at her diagnosis and how she could manage her symptoms. Kate is passionate about promoting “life after MS” in a positive and humorous way, but also a realistic and relatable way.

Living in Townsville, Kate looked to join a support group but couldn’t find one for young people so she created one. More than 15 years since diagnosis, she has a successful career and is happily married. With her support group continuing to grow providing her with great friendships, lots of laughs, and unwavering support for each other.

“I started medication, listened to my body, made lifestyle changes, and negotiated with the activities in my day as well as did less of some things.

I have a positive approach to living with MS and I don’t let it rule my life.”


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