Feedback & Complaints

At MS Queensland we value and act on feedback to ensure that we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Participants are encouraged to raise their feedback with the service provider or supervisor directly (e.g. your Service Coordinator, the Supported Accommodation Manager or tenancy manager if it is building related).

Ways to submit feedback or a complaint


Would you like to share a positive experience or give a compliment to one of our team members? 


Do you have a complaint? We’d love to know 


MS Queensland also offers an independent and external ‘Whistleblower’ hotline service from Stopline.  You can make an anonymous complaint/disclosure or offer feedback on any matter by using the Stopline service – you will be given a special code to receive updates on progress with resolving your complaints:

Make a report at or  call 1300 30 45 50



MS Queensland, staff members and customers all have rights and responsibilities that must be upheld as we work together to ensure quality service outcomes.  A copy of this document is available to view below.

Customer Rights & Responsibilities