Fears faced, MS exposed in 25 person naked leap of faith

28/02/2020 by MS Queensland

Fears faced, MS exposed in 25 person naked leap of faith

It’s not often we get the chance to face our greatest fears. For Kaitlyn Sapier, hers is skydiving; a fear that she will face tomorrow where she will not only take the plunge from 14,000ft, but will also do it along with 24 others, completely naked all while attempting to break a world record.

Kaitlyn was diagnosed with MS in 2018. After her diagnosis and subsequent treatment, she was told if that she had started treatment just 12 months later, she would be living life in a wheelchair.

Realising the difference that early intervention makes, Kaitlyn wanted to raise awareness for early diagnosis and treatment. The idea came to life, largely because of Kaitlyn’s partner, Ryan, who happens to be a 3-year skydiving veteran.

“It’s a bit of a tradition with skydivers that you do your 100th jump in the nude, so we thought why not build on that idea to raise money for charity and break the world record?”

And so, the idea was born.

Needless to say, Kaitlyn is more than a little concerned, “I told Ryan when we first got together that (skydiving) was the one thing I would never, ever do.”

“I passed out on The Giant Drop at Dreamworld, so that’s the kind of reaction I’m expecting.”

On Saturday, she will perform her first ever skydive in tandem with Ryan (naked and more than a little afraid).

More than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS every week. Early recognition and diagnosis of symptoms are crucial for treatments to have the greatest impact.

It’s for that reason we’re really excited for Kaitlyn and Ryan to be bringing attention to an extremely valuable cause through their world-record breaking, naked skydiving attempt.

The aim of MS Exposed is not only to raise awareness, but also for $50,000 to go towards MS Research.

To learn more and contribute, visit their Facebook fundraiser at


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