Jess and Dan Cycle Vietnam to fight MS

03/06/2019 by MS Queensland

Jess & Dan

Jess and Dan Cycle Vietnam to fight MS

On 5 March 2020, Jess and Dan will leave on their 380km cycle journey from the north to the south of Vietnam, raising money to fight MS.

Dan was 28-years-old when he was diagnosed with MS in September 2017 and since his diagnosis, Dan with his wife Jess by his side, have been fundraising to fight MS.
It’s believed Dan had his first episode seven years ago, when he had Swine Flu and experienced Optic Neuritis. This led to some investigations from his doctors and following an MRI, lesions were found. He saw a neurologist who mentioned he may have MS but didn’t stress any urgency for a follow-up.

Six months later, Dan was a passenger in a car accident which resulted in multiple operations and a long two-year rehabilitation. The chaos of accident and Dan’s rehab, meant he forgot about the potential of MS and continued on with his life.

Seven years later, Dan experienced some vertigo, issues with his speech and light sensitivity. He visited his GP and returned to a neurologist. Following an MRI, he was diagnosed with MS. Dan is now on a treatment and his symptoms are intermittent.

Dan and Jess got married in September 2018 and Dan says he is grateful for the love and support of Jess as well as the support from his employer, friends and family.
Jess and Dan live an active and healthy lifestyle and the Cycle Vietnam challenge seemed to fit perfectly with their goals.

“Our goal is to remain as fit as possible with Dan’s current function, to have a better future. We would like to support others going through the same condition who don’t have the same ability or opportunity,” says Jess.

Since Dan’s diagnosis, Jess and Dan have made a commitment to be actively involved in the MS community and to raise awareness of the disease. Jess says “we didn’t know very much about MS before Dan was diagnosed. We think it’s important that people go to the doctor sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, Dan could have been on medication earlier.”
Jess and Dan have set a target of $7,000 but they would love to have raised $10,000 by the time of the ride in March next year.

You can follow Jess and Dan’s journey on their Facebook page, Jess and Dan Cycle Vietnam 2020 or read their blog Jess and Dan Cycle Vietnam to Beat MS 2020.

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