Rachel Kerr

Rachel Kerr was sitting her final school exams at 17-years-old when she went temporarily lost sight in both eyes. She was swiftly flown by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to Brisbane for treatment, where her sight returned, and was diagnosed with MS.

Rachel experiences a range of symptoms including fatigue, numbness, and vertigo. Yet, this hasn’t stopped her from becoming a mother to two beautiful children, having a wonderful husband, working in a fantastic job with an employer who is very understanding of her MS, and in her ‘spare’ time helping run the family business.

Since being diagnosed in 2006, Rachel looked for Rockhampton specialists and then after a couple of years contacted MS Queensland and supported our organisation in opening a local office in Rockhampton. Rachel and her family attend the Rockhampton MS Swimathon every year to continue supporting others in the community through running a local support group.

“I’m able to do so many things I was told I’d never be able to do, I love to share with people what a great life I’ve been able to live, and I owe so much of this to the amazing friends, family, and MS Queensland.

Since the MS Swimathon began in Rockhampton, we’ve funded a local office and presence in Rockhampton. The actual impact this has had on people lives has been immeasurable.”


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