Making a Gift that Will live on

MS is a progressive condition. The unknown nature of what’s ahead makes it scary for the whole family. Every journey with MS is different however with your support, MS Queensland will always be there. By including MS Queensland in your Will, your gift can fund:

World class care and support

You will keep our doors open for future generations. Thanks to you we’ll be there as a first point of contact for people seeking support. Our team members will be ready to offer an understanding ear as well as the very best of care for people living with MS and their families.

Access to the latest information

You will help reduce the fear of the unknown for people newly diagnosed. Your generosity will ensure that we’ll be there to answer the tough questions and help people make informed decisions.

Creating connection

People diagnosed with MS can often feel lost and isolated. Your gift will ensure there is a supportive community for people living with MS. Your gift will provide advice, connection, support and education for all people affected by MS so no one faces this awful disease alone.

Research towards a cure

Your gift will be invested in vital research to provide hope for the future, so one day the world will be free from MS and its devastating impact.

Things you Should Know

We urge you to look after your loved ones first.

It’s a big decision to choose what you would like to happen in the future and, first and foremost, we want you to make sure you’ve taken care of your loved ones and those closest to you in your Will. After doing this, if you feel you might like to help future Queenslanders and their families who are living with MS by contributing a gift in your Will, we would be so grateful.

Making your mark.

Many people are happy for us to use their gift in the area of most need at that particular time. However, if there’s a particular area of our work that speaks more deeply to you, please let us know. We’ll work together to ensure your gift has the greatest impact for future generations.

Every bequest counts.

No matter the size of your gift, remembering MS Queensland in your Will can ensure future generations facing MS are supported and never alone in their journey. Smaller gifts are combined to fund our work well into the future and larger gifts can establish a new program, service delivery centre or go to the most urgent need at the time of your gift. Leaving just 1% of your estate can have a lasting effect on the lives of those living with MS.

Thanks to gifts in Wills of every size, we’ll be there to provide support and answer the tough questions for newly diagnosed people and their families. We’ll be there to provide the best of care to people facing MS and make each day a little easier for them. And we’ll be there doing everything we can to find a cure – so that one day the world will be free from MS and its devastating impact.

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Types of Gifts

There are three types of gifts you can choose from:

A residuary bequest

After taking care of those closed to you, you can leave all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate to MS Queensland.

A percentage of your estate

Leave a nominated portion or fixed percentage of your estate to MS Queensland. This will remain inflation-proof and you’ll be less likely to need to update your Will in the future. Leaving just 1% of your estate can have a lasting effect on the lives of those living with MS.

A specific bequest

Leave a specific sum of money or a specified item, such as artwork, jewellery, property, antiques or shares.

Already have a will?

If you already have a Will and would like to add a gift to MS Queensland, you can speak to your solicitor about adding a codicil – a short legal amendment. This is an easier and more cost-effective way for you to make this change.

Please note: The above is provided as information only, and is not provided as professional advice. For professional advice and assistance, please consult a lawyer for legal advice or the services of a qualified professional (eg: financial planner or accountant).

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