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Josie’s journey with MS began 15 years ago when she received her diagnosis. At that time, she didn’t fully grasp the effect that this diagnosis would have on her future, and while at first the diagnosis left her feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, Josie’s determination and positive outlook soon redefined her narrative.

Fast forward to 2023, and Josie’s life is a testament to resilience and creativity. Over the past year alone, she has achieved an impressive list of milestones.

Josie has published three children’s books, completed a writing residency at the Queensland Writers Centre, was selected for the ‘Poster to Production’ campaign at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) and represented Australian writers at the Children’s book fair in Italy.

Among her many achievements, Josie’s most significant project is the finalisation of her feature film script which has excitingly already garnered interest from a Director and Producer.

Josie is quick to acknowledge that her journey would not have been the same without the invaluable support provided by her National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. With MS Queensland’s support, Josie was able to navigate the application, planning and implementation process to achieve the maximum benefit from her NDIS plan. These supports have allowed her to channel her energy into creative endeavours and manage her physical well-being.

Josie emphasised how having these supports in place has been crucial in managing her fatigue levels and regaining physical abilities. Her progress from being unable to perform a simple ‘sit to stand’ exercise to accomplishing it unassisted is a testament to her dedication and the assistance she’s received.

“Two years ago I was unable to do a ‘sit to stand’, it was as if my body and brain were not connected, my brain was telling my body to do it and ‘nada’! Today I can do this unassisted.”

Josie has said that her relationship with MS Queensland has been a lifeline throughout her journey. Whether accessing our support coordinators, nurses or physiotherapy, knowing that MS Queensland is there, she says, has provided her with a sense of security and support.

“I’ve always been a great supporter of and appreciate all the support received from MS Queensland. Knowing that MS Queensland is always there is like wearing a life-vest.”

For those living with MS or supporting someone who is, Josie’s message is clear:

“Do what you can today, when you can, and if you can.”

Her life philosophy revolves around seizing the day, even in the face of uncertainty. Josie’s  positive outlook is a source of inspiration, demonstrating that nothing ever stays the same, and a positive attitude can make a world of difference.

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