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Vicky’s journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) began in 1994. After nearly two decades of misdiagnoses, Vicky received a definitive diagnosis in 2011 which gave her a sense of relief, there were now options available for her.  

 “We are not as good as automobiles; we don’t have a computer to tell us when we need to go to the mechanic.”


Early after her diagnosis, Vicky sought support from the MS Queensland NeuroAssist Line, where the team began assisting Vicky as she navigated the new diagnosis as well as the NDIS application process

I’d tried many times before, but it was their assistance and their help with the paperwork that opened the door for me – I wouldn’t be on the NDIS if it wasn’t for MS Queensland.” 

Vicky shares that she credits a lot of her success with her NDIS to her decision to connect with her Support Coordinator, whom she affectionately dubs her knight in shining armor. Overcoming her initial reservations, Vicky openly acknowledges the pivotal role her Support Coordinator has played in her journey, stating, 

“No matter how proud you are, take the help – it’s worthy.” 

Expressing gratitude for the positive impact of MS Queensland, Vicky recognises her Support Coordinator Carol’s instrumental role in connecting her with essential care, including a physiotherapist, nurse, and carers. Vicky’s advice to others echoes her own journey: 

“I was so stubborn and didn’t want the help, but if I hadn’t of taken Carol’s support, I wouldn’t have opened the pathway to any of the lovely care that I now have. It probably would have been decades until I sought help. ”  

In a message to others facing MS or supporting someone through it, Vicky urges those hesitant to seek help, emphasising the positive impact of MS Queensland’s support. 

If people aren’t sure about talking to MS Queensland for help, tell them to call me and I’ll convince them!”  

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