26/07/2023 by MS Queensland
Man (Paul) with his two grandchildren

Paul, a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather, was diagnosed with MS in 2020 after experiencing symptoms for over a decade.

As a hardworking delivery driver for more than 20 years, he faced fatigue, balance issues, heat intolerance, and brain fog without understanding the underlying cause.

Finally, receiving his diagnosis brought both relief and uncertainty.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Paul received guidance with his NDIS application earlier this year and was successful!

Paul’s message to you:

“Your support is so important to help all of us with our individual journey to have the guidance we need in our MS fight. It is such a difficult and daunting process, but now, we are one step closer to making life a little bit more comfortable. My wife, Suzanne, and I, can’t express enough gratitude to you.”

Two people (Philip & Tamsin)
Philip & Tamsin

Many of you responded generously to our recent appeal after reading Philip’s story.

You may remember, Philip lived with relapsing-remitting MS for over 28 years without really asking for help.

After two bad falls within six weeks, things became very real for Philip.

Philip received one-on-one support with his NDIS application and has also since received life-changing funding and is now back walking confidently.

Your kindness has played a crucial role in providing Paul, Philip and many others with the guidance and assistance they need to navigate their individual MS journey.

Thank you.

If you would like to help support people living with MS access the NDIS, you can donate here.

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