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World MS Day is an annual event that brings together individuals, communities, and organizations from around the globe to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis (MS) and support those affected by the disease.  

World MS Day 2023 was the final year of the four-year global theme of ‘Connections’, which aimed to build community connection, self-connection and connections to quality care. 

Illuminating Awareness: Monuments Go Red 

To symbolise the importance of World MS Day, 19 monuments across Queensland were illuminated in vibrant red. These illuminated landmarks aimed to capture the attention of Queenslanders and sparking conversations about the cause. 

Events: Let’s Connect

One of the key aspects of World MS Day is the opportunity for face-to-face gatherings where people affected by MS, their families, friends, and supporters can come together to share experiences, creating an atmosphere of solidarity and support. Several events were organised at our MS Queensland sites:  

Residents of our Springfield, Toowoomba, Albany Creek, Bundall, and Caboolture Apartments came together for a variety of community events. They enjoyed morning teas, delicious BBQs and lunches, fostering a sense of community and connection. Laughter, conversations, and even some dancing added to the bright atmosphere of the gatherings. 

Staff members at the Milton site celebrated World MS Day with a sausage sizzle! This gathering was the perfect opportunity to reflect on the significance of the day.

Aimee Segal, a 17-year-old community champion for MS Queensland, also joined the team for World MS Day. 

Aimee shared her personal journey with the Milton team, recounting the early days after her diagnosis and shedding light on the emotional and physical challenges that individuals with MS often encounter. Her resilience and determination served as an inspiration for the team and strengthened our commitment to raising awareness.  

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